Notary Public


Need to get something notarized?

We are appointed by the state government and by the secretary of the state to serve the public.

Our Team

We are a licensed, bonded, insured, certified California Notary Public, providing full notary public service assistance to residents, and businesses in several cities, and counties around Souther & Central California regions of Bakersfield, Los Angeles & San Fernando Area.

Our Commitment to Low-Cost, High-Quality Service

We are strongly committed to providing high quality, on-time delivery of our Notary Public Services to California residents at extremely reasonable, and low-cost of only $5.00 per notarized signature. No matter what it costs us, our notaries will NEVER compromise on the quality of notary service they provide, and/or the timeliness of their service delivery. Our Commitment to Low-Cost, High-Quality Service